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Who Are We?

As Sculin Online Language Education, we share with you our passion and commitment to language learning. We help you improve your language skills and learn a new language with the language courses we design for all age groups, from primary school to adults.

What we offer?

English and German Lessons
National Geographic Publishing Quality
"Nightly Learning" innovative method
30 min. Lessons for Children, 40 min. Lessons for Adults
Native Speaker Educators
"Speaking Club" Lessons at the Weekend
External Educational Resources to Support the Language Learning Process
Tests that Assess Your Progress After Every Level
Continuous student monitoring and communication
Personal Coaching
Join us on a journey to learn a language and embark on a fun and effective path to improve your language skills.

Kickstart with a Placement Test! 🚀

Before we embark on our learning adventure, we ensure every explorer is in the right group!
Each student will be subjected to a Level Placement Test consisting of two parts:
* Online Test: Answer 50 questions that will help us understand your current grasp of English.
* Speaking Test: Engage in a conversation with our friendly coach to assess your spoken English skills.
In the final tests, we carefully place each student into the perfect group tailored to their age and English level, providing a comfortable and productive learning environment with a maximum of 8 students.
Get ready to uncover our student's potential, place them accurately, and watch how they develop in a specially designed environment!
🚀 Start your learning journey today! 👉🏼
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